How to create a successful blog that will attract your potential audience

create a successful blogAre you making a similar mistake that has made 99% of new bloggers to quit their blog barely a year of blogging? If this is your case, don’t worry. You are reading the right post with all the needed guidelines on how to create a successful blog that will attract your target audience. I mean creating a blog that meets the need of your target audience. If you neglect them, your blog will not stand the test of time, no matter the money and time invested.

Luckily, to create a successful blog that will attract your potential audience is not all that difficult. If you can read to understand this blog post, then it is halfway done. For a start, know your target audience. If you can conduct this research, then you will save yourself heaps of time. Follow the guidelines below to create that successful blog you’ve always dreamt of.

This is one major decision to make at the beginning of your blog plan. Many people are confused when it comes to choosing a niche for their blog. They think it’s the same as research for keywords that has high search volume and low competition. If this is how you intend to search for your blog niche, then you are making a grave mistake. Now let me explain in detail.

To find a niche for your digital marketing blog, you have to look beyond search volume and competition level, and start searching for some major components. E.g., there is some niche that has so much search volume because it is based on freebies, but less competitive. No blog marketing strategy will ever work on it, except you continue giving out freebies. For this reason, online marketers and those who intend to use their blog for marketing their products and services refrain from it. Don’t be tempted to follow into this trap; you may never get your desired audience or potential customers.

Some mistakes you should avoid when finding a blog niche

About 99% of fresh bloggers make a grave mistake when choosing a niche for their blog. This mistake may not be discovered at the early stage of their blog because they are new to blog functionality. In the long run, they start to notice their blog does not meet their target, no matter the time, resources, or dedication they commit to it. Read some of these mistakes below.

  1. Not looking at your buyer’s intent

As earlier mentioned, there are some blog niche that focuses on giveaways; if you make this mistake as an internet marketer instead of creating a digital marketing blog, you will run at a loss. Instead, research a niche where your potential customers are. Those who will buy your products and patronize your ad space.

  1. Not narrowing down their research into the micro-niche

I was once a victim of this. I created a pet blog on dog training. It’s indeed a very lucrative niche people are searching for with lots of customers who are ready to buy products. But along the line, I noticed I ought to have narrowed my niche (dog training) into a micro-niche like dog-breeding, where my target audience is. If you jump into any blog niche all in the name of passion, you might be swimming in the pool of water full of sharks (wide rang of competitors) or a river without a single fish (no customer).

research into the micro-niche


To create a successful blog, carve out a smaller portion of the market where your potential customers are waiting to buy your products. Keywords are crucial.

  1. money over passion

Sometimes, you can easily be carried away with the thought of making money with your blog with little or no focus on your passion or creating value for your blog visitors. It’s the passion you have for your blog that will motivate you to study more on viable topics you can write on. Your blog visitors want to see updates on your blog regularly but not without value. When you lost passion, your blog starts losing visitors gradually, before you know what’s happening, it’s down entirely.

  • Get domain and hosting

Similar to all business offline, you need a domain name to create a successful blog. This will differentiate your blog from every other blog online. Although most bloggers argue that domain names have nothing to do with the success of your blog. But I doubt how truthful this can be. I advise you to buy a domain with your business name, but if it’s no longer available, then you can search for something similar. You can also choose from available expired domains, they are very good at SEO, but do proper research to avoid buying domain previously sanitation by Google search engine.

After registering a good domain name, you can then proceed to purchase a good host. Please beware of the offers from so many hosting companies. If you are not sure of the hosting company to buy from, you can ask a developer or go for the popular hosting companies like Bluehost, GoDaddy, and Namecheap. I have tried this three-hosting company, and they are very reliable in their service delivery, with fast customer service to help you resolve issues quickly.

  • Design your blog to represent your brand

Now you have chosen a niche, bought a domain and hosting; it’s now time to design that blog you have been dreaming of. To create a successful blog, make sure you, look for a theme that represents your business niche, with all the required plugins to help you market your products. Please avoid the use of flash animation; they may look attractive to first-time visitors but very odd to returning visitors. To create a successful blog, design to meet SEO standards, with comment box at the bottom of every post, to collect feedback from your existing and potential customers.

Now that you have read these major processes of creating a blog to get your target visitors, you can now proceed to sketch out the kind of blog you want.

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